We have the experience and tradition of three generations in the production and breeding of the Iberian pig and its derivatives. This allows us to offer you in our online store Tierra del Ibérico, a wide range of products with an unsurpassed bouquet and guaranteed quality.
The ham, loin, and Iberian sausages are essential products in our table and in a healthy and balanced diet. We only put at your disposal those who have exceeded our demanding quality controls, and we are sure they will surprise you for its delicious flavor.

Spanish products, from "dehesas" of Extremadura and Salamanca.


The excellent flavour, aroma and texture of the products that we commercialize in Tierra del Ibérico is born from a carefully selected Iberian pig hut, fed in Extremaduran meadows (Dehesas Extremeñas).

Our company controls the traceability of products from the field to your home. A commitment with the quality that allows us to always ensure our customers the best possible product.


The flavour and quality of our hams, loins, and sausages are the results of the know-how and experience of our master craftsmen. A natural healing process makes our Iberians reach an unbeatable bouquet, a delicacy of our gastronomy.

All the products that we commercialize strictly comply with the Quality Regulation of the Iberian Pig RD 4/2014 in terms of denomination, production and labelling, which substantially increases the transparency of Iberian pork products.

Tierra del Ibérico also has in many of its products the endorsement of the Denomination of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura, a certification that guarantees compliance with all the traceability schemes and product quality controls.


The online store Tierra del Ibérico is a reliable, safe and available 24 hours a day.

Make your order in a simple way, enjoy your shopping experience and receive the best Iberian products in your home. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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